The Beginning of Wheatbelt, Inc.

In 1955, two automotive wholesalers met for the purpose of organizing a merchandising group. It was from this modest beginning that Wheatbelt evolved. Today that merchandising idea is combined with one of America’s most perceptive buying groups.

Wheatbelt is a Stockholder-Owned Distributor, which works primarily with drop ship programs direct to the retailer. Being a stockholder-owned company, we provide these programs at the most competitive pricing available. The combined purchasing strength of our numerous Wheatbelt members provide every-day low prices. Thus improving margins and maintaining that competitive edge.

Wheatbelt’s Merchandise Coordinators continue to support our members by obtaining and dispersing needed information on new products and promotional ideas. Wheatbelt’s three annual product shows enable our members to work first-hand with Wheatbelt in analyzing current product trends.

Accounting Services for our members are prompt and dependable through “state-of-the-art” technology. Our members enjoy central billing and central invoicing for more than 1,600 vendors. Wheatbelt pays all vendors on behalf of the members – taking advantage of all possible discounts. Members make one simple payment rather than numerous vendor checks.

To grow and develop, the successful merchant must set a pace that is one step ahead of his competition. Now, more than ever, he has to be attuned to his customerknows his products and merchandise aggressively. Some of the categories Wheatbelt sets that pace for are Agri-Business, Animal Health, Automotive, Clothing & Footwear, Hardware, Housewares, Lawn & Garden, Paint, Pet Supplies, Plumbing & Electrical, Saddle & Tack, Sporting Goods and Toys.